Ningaloo Wildlife Calendar

All year round Exmouth and the Ningaloo region are visited but various wildlife species of interest. Photography by Blue Media Exmouth


All year round

Emus, Emus and more Emus (and the occasional Kangaroo). These friendly natives are our very own welcoming committee to the area. It's a regular occurrence to see them wandering the streets and walking through the town centre. They are WILD, so please show them respect, give them the right of way and DO NOT FEED THEM.

Black-footed Rock Wallaby

All year round

This unique Australian wallaby can be seen hidden within the sheer gorge walls at Yardie creek gorge within the Cape Range National Park. You can take a walk along the gorge edge or cruise up the creek for a different perspective.


All year round

Fishing is fantastic year round in Exmouth and Coral Bay. There are over 30 different Game fish species, with the Ningaloo region being recognised as the premier game fishing destination in Western Australia. Don't miss Gamex, March each year.


April to June/July

Don't miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime - to swim with the majestic Whale Shark. Whale Sharks generally arrive just after the second coral spawning until the end of June or beginning of July. They congregate to the Ningaloo Reef to feed on microscopic creatures known as zoo plankton, offering this unique opportunity to snorkel with the worlds biggest fish.

Manta Rays

May to November

Manta Rays can be seen year round at Coral Bay or generally between May to November in Exmouth. They migrate in huge schools and snorkellers and divers can use the opportunity to swim with these playful creatures

Humpback Whales

June to November

The Humpback Whales visiting the Ningaloo Reef are the fifth largest of the great whales and can weigh up to 40 tonnes. You can watch them roll around, slapping their tails and fins. There are viewing points at Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Town Beach and Bundegi Beach or you can take a closer look by joining one of the educational and fun tours or sunset cruises to see these magnificent creatures.

Reef Sharks

September to February

Skeleton beach in Coral Bay is a known Nursery area for Reef Sharks. Annually around this time, large numbers of Black Tip Reef Sharks can be found inhabiting the shallows. White Tip and Grey Reef Sharks can also be sighted within this area.


November to February/March

The turtle nesting season runs approximately from November to February. There are three known species of turtles on the Ningaloo Reef; the Green, Loggerhead and Hawks bill. A strict code of conduct applies.

Coral Spawning

March & April

Coral Spawning is when the coral releases eggs and sperm into the surrounding ocean - a remarkable sight for divers and snorkelers. This occurs approximately 7-10 days after the full moon in March and April.